Shower Screens

Customised shower screens for ultimate style

Federation Glass offer a variety of shower screens, ranging from the budget (DIY) screen, to the sleek and sophisticated frameless option. We can customise shower screens to meet your individual requirements, facilitating maximum functionality for your bathroom. Here’s a brief insight into what we have available:

Budget Screen: DIY Kit in various sizes, in black, white or bright silver frames with clear safety glass.

Semi-frameless: This popular shower screen allows minimal frame application with pivoting frameless door panels and exposed edges where applicable. This design has small clearances between panels to reduce water splash, giving the shower a seamless appearance

Frameless: No frame required, with 10mm Grade A toughened safety glass and quality hardware throughout with a variety of handles, hinges and patch fittings available. Also available is a free standing panel attached with either channel or brackets for a sleek and easy clean option.

Fully Framed: A made-to-measure screen with either a pivot door or sliders. The frame covers all exposed glass edges and comes in a variety of colours. Clear safety glass is the standard, but tinted or textured options are also available for our products.

Create your dream bathroom with our premium designs